Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

social economy_ pia prantl / pille noole / tomas forjaz / thomas niederberger

 thesis - development of our society in virtual context

digital extendible mind
absorbing knowledge without limitations
refering to Huizinga's "homo ludens"
secenarios mentioned by Jona Friedmann / Cedric Price

antithesis - artificial intelligence controlled society
homogenous society controlled by virtual intelligence
loss of individuality / identity

synthesis - watched by machines of loving grace
intelligent responsiveness
digital nervous systems
choosing between "ready-made" possibilities
social aspect is able to work in an urban scale
coordination of diefferent systems to achieve significant efficies
network of alpine urban regions

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  1. As said before - really nice images - I am waiting for your ideas- concepts - criticality that we will test in the development of a new city. Please be aware that you will need to develop the city not in response to an existing city model or in response to the site, but rather design the scenario the ideas that is tested prototypical on the site... it will mutate