Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

poetic ecologies

Ecology called my direct surroundings of the molded me as a human being as an individual. Static environment of downtime without a dynamic system can be no change, no evolution. The surroundings of the people on the astral body as an extension of my senses, needs and aspirations of metamorphosis. The machine architecture as an organ that my needs for expansion and extension takes physically and mentally and is transformed under a constant evolution.

Regression allows only a certain part of a reorganization it forms the border in the development of a system. Regression is the blockade of the infinite expansion of physical space. It is a metamorphosis in the opposite direction. An involution without striving for further development means the extinction of the individual leads to a standstill. Architectural space as an organic structure is always placed under a metamorphosis from the perspective of continuous development and from the perspective of the limits inhibit the development or even lead to decline slightly. A system that is self-maintains and draws energy from it.

The synthesis is the space between the evolution of space and regression. This results in a communication of spheres and contradictions. Between space and non-space. The gap leads to friction and creates a certain harmony.
As a comparison value is the music. Played notes can only exist if there is no stop this gap, this "symbiosis" can only act and resulting harmonies.

 Now what to do? I´m going to creat a city for superheros


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  2. superheroes rise and fall - they have weaknesses, characters and form a new ecology - Kryptonite - you need to translate the idea of a superhero without becoming too literal about them - building the olympus might not result in marble / what are the heroes and fears of today - try to bind your ideas and the concept within a simplicity of a story/scenario - maybe the new superhero is coca cola - the monsterdrink or the all knowing banks of today? by T.K.