Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

ANthesIS NAture

Entropy Material MinimumImaterial MaximumEvolution of SpaceEntropic Stages of EvolutionMutationChanging of AppearanceFlexiblility/ Flexible SystemHigh Variation of ConditionsStatic ystemMobilityconditioned utopia=dystopiaimplanted memoriesisolation in time and spaceconcentrationTrial and Errordegree of regulations?Dynamic SytsemCollecting (Dreams)ImprintingFillingSoft/ Liquid MaterialChanging ProcessEphemeral

Thesis / Dynamic Environment
Our world and society is confronted with a permanent change and evolution. It is a dynamic process with an unpredictable end- an entropic system. We believe that steps of evolution and mutation are necessary for an utopian environment. We are convinced that everything is constantly changing from materiality to immateriality and vice versa. Our aim is to create an utopian environment where a dynamic system allows that social and physical structures are developing by the process of trial and error. 

Antithesis / Static Environment
Any environment has to be conscious designed. Especially an utopian environment needs a strong order to realize it. The processes of evolution and mutation causes a waste of time and effort, therefore it needs an institutional force to develop social and physical structures in an efficient way. A closed society and a static system is more effective, predictable, stable and secure. Also, human psychology is prone to ordered environment and to certainty towards a future, manifesting in the first human settlements created as a protection against the uncertainty of the surrounding.

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  1. really interesting topic and diametrical opposed approaches to generate a conflict between the controlled and uncontrolled or seemingly natural. I am intrigued by the Helmut Newton amalgamation and the speculation on Kunst-raum that the image implies. How are you going to navigate the difficulties and find an application away from the general to a more specific - work with drawings either hand or computer that will need to question and articulate these art-spaces into and already existing alpine garden. T.K.