Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Hibernating City_Vera Arnold_Guenter Buschta_Kaisa Lasner_Ioannis Lykouras

With the inspiration for a hidden and camouflaged city, the question that remains is why to hide and why even decide to build our city in on the mountains. The thesis and antithesis are trying to answer this question by predicting a future where living in high altitudes will be necessary for surviving against hostile climatic conditions. The city we create should be a shelter against these conditions and a prototype to provide the knowhow for living in the mountains.

The synthesis is a city that changes with the seasons, adapting to the changing weather conditions and simulating the more severe ones that are yet to come. It hides under snow and isolates itself during winter and melts down and blossoms again every summer, opening itself to the rest of the world and rebuilding itself for the next winter, until it grows to the maturity that it becomes self-sufficient.

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