Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Jaan Kuusemets_José de la Peña___Bones & Flesh (3. approach)

Bones & Flesh
Community organism

where people can join like a flock of birds
in order to expand their consciousness

where human mind meets artificial-intelligence and can feel enlightening

the tempel where new symbiotic-intelligence apears and forms

the city where new spiritual revolution starts
and  the new era of mankind begins


I am convinced that the nations and people who master
      the new sciences of complexity will become the
      economic, cultural and political super-powers of the
      next century
  - Heinz Pagels
  The Dreams of Reason

I think the next century
     will be the century of complexity.”
  - Stephen Hawking

“We stand on the verge of being able to
      change the human race
  - Wired Magazine,  January ‘98


human mind and collective intelligence
artificial-intelligence and city intranet
new heightened consciousness and
augmented collective intelligence



human brain  - massive parallelism is the strength.
Slow speed is the weakness.

DNA-based evolution  will eventually need to abandoned.
Too plodding. Good at tinkering and extending, but unable to
scrap a design and start-over.

The Law of Accelerating Returns
says that Evolution   will not be stuck - indeed it will find a way
around limitations of neural circuits - humans have invented a
technology that is a million times faster than carbon-based neurons.
Ultimately, we’ll port everything to faster equivalents.

symbiotic consciousness  -  free, dynamic, intertwined and  heightened
(difficult to describe - it should be experience for themselves)

social refugees

first sketches

Bones & Flesh
Community organism

(drawings) work in progres

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